After finishing the last color of these prints on paper Friday, I decided to print a a couple of pillowcases. I misprinted one linen panel and decided to salvage it by cutting out the mistake and making a bag. And the bag looked so good that I proceeded to print more linen to make […]

After a whirlwind Easter trip to visit my parents in LA, I sewed up a few of these iPhone cases. I’m still tweaking them – it was a lot harder to center this design than I’d thought, and edge sewing neatly is beyond my current capabilities – but I’ll definitely have these in stock for

  I spent (almost) all weekend working on these bags. While I was printing late Saturday night, growing more and more excited about how good the colors were and how crisply I was able to print, I thought, “I love this.” This = the process, the print, the colors, printing into the night. It was

I finished a couple of prototypes for my iPhone covers. The first one I made was a bit too small to accommodate my hard case (if you have an iPhone 4, you have to have a hard case, right?), so I tweaked the dimensions and made one that’s just right.   It’s pretty darned cute.

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