A big change happened in the world today. It’s been an emotional day for me, and I’ll write more about that later. This post, however, is about small changes. Now that I’m unemployed, I’ve had time to do small things that will make a small – but perceptible – change in my life. This week’s […]

This house used to have a lawn, much like every other house in my parents’ neighborhood. Then a young couple bought it and completely landscaped the front and side yards. I miss very few things about LA; gardening is one of them. Not that I’d ever be able to maintain a garden like this, though.

Now that the area outside my kitchen has been pigeon-proofed, I can plant in my window boxes again. Verbena from the Heart of the City Farmers Market. I chose this plant because it’s drought-resistant (meaning, it will survive two weeks of neglect).

(it’s only tangentially related to Pyrex) My neighbors have been advertising a big yard sale for the last three weeks. They had it yesterday, and it included seven other families. Because it was going to be such a large sale, a bunch of other neighbors decided to host their own sales. A small portion of

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