Anemones, ranunculus – these are my two favorite flowers. Others may love peonies and roses, but my tastes are far less pedigreed. Give me a bouquet of bulb flowers, I once told a boyfriend, and I’ll know that you know who I am. Anemones and ranunculus always remind me of the winter of 1995. I […]

Even though it’s 80F today and hardly feels like the start of winter, fall flowers are disappearing from the farmers’ market. This weekend, I picked up a bouquet of peppers. That’s right – peppers. Soon, my favorite bulb flowers will start making an appearance. Until then, I’ll try not to eat my winter bouquets.

I’m getting really excited about new ideas, a new direction. I still feel a little unfocused, but it’s good for me to be a little lost every once in a while.

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