I made a collage for the first time since I hung my show. It was good to collage (and even better to collage and drink wine with Lisa and our dogs). I’ll be getting the rest of my collection back at the end of the month (unless you guys bought them all), then will put

My show opened a little more than a week ago. It was such a whirlwind evening. I imagine it  must be what a wedding is like for the bride and groom – so many people came and I wanted to talk to them all, but just got to spend five minutes or so talking to

  I was struggling to come up with a name for my new collage collection/show. After some brainstorming with friends, I came up with Impromptu Work(s). “Impromptu” refers to the nature of these collages – I didn’t set out with a plan. Instead, I just played and had fun. And “Work(s)” has a double meaning

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