Okay, not a little interview. A long one (I’m not known for brevity) on the When I Grow Up Coach blog. But it’s a good one – Michelle asked me a lot of questions that made me think about the path I’ve taken, my creative life and my priorities. It was a really helpful exercise […]

Hi folks, I’m pleased to announce that I will be starting a new blog, called “A Designed Business,” all about the joys and woes of owning and running a creative, product-based company. It’s targeted to product design entrepreneurs. I’ll draw on my own experiences starting and running (and selling) Peartree Press, as well as years

I’d vowed to cut back on my blog reading… no, really, I did… and then I find out about this blog. The Sartorialist photographs real people in their actual clothes. It’s like one, long, fashion parade. My husband I’ve gone as far back as March 2008. I can’t stop looking. On another note, Jake and

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