A little interview

Okay, not a little interview. A long one (I’m not known for brevity) on the When I Grow Up Coach blog. But it’s a good one – Michelle asked me a lot of questions that made me think about the path I’ve taken, my creative life and my priorities. It was a really helpful exercise for me (thanks, Michelle!). Michelle also has some really great posts about figuring out – and committing to – your life path.

And now, I’m off to Boulder for a friend’s wedding! It’s my first mini-vacation in a long time (well, not counting unemployment) and I’m so looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “A little interview”

  1. Loved having you, Jen – & so did my readers! Did you see the comments? Major love to you. Also, one of my clients quoted you to me today from the interview. She had a real “a-ha!” moment from your talk about getting stuck by thinking more than doing, & she wrote it down. You’re an inspiration, lady!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! It was a pleasure being a part of your blog… and I’m glad I inspired one of your clients. I feel very honored :)

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