2012 new work

I printed this weekend. I printed a lot. I was ambitious – I printed three colors on linen. Fabric is so much tougher to align than paper, which is why my prints on fabric tend to be one or two colors and require imprecise registration. I’ve started sending my files to a service bureau so […]

My first-ever solo show will be at Arkay Workshop starting in June. Yayayayay! The opening night reception is scheduled for June 1st, which means I have just about a month to get everything finalized for the show. I plan to take this Friday off from client work – my first Friday off this year –

I mentioned last week (or the week before?) that I’ve been working on collages since Susy and Sarajo’s workshop at Teahouse. I’d originally taken the class to learn how to introduce some complexity into my silkscreen work but found that I got so much more from the weekend. For starters, I learned to play around

I’ve toiled over new styles and new directions, only to have had them fall flat and remain unsold. I’ve worked quickly to create designs that take off for no apparent reason. And I’ve come to this realization: you never can tell. I’ve pounded out a lot of work in the past three years. I couldn’t

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