In almost every one of my classes, I have a student who will attempt, for her first project, something that is technically difficult. Unless the project is so complex that it can’t be completed during the class, I rarely discourage ambition – nor do I discourage simplicity – because I don’t want to step in […]

This is my friend Kenya. Kenya makes beautiful textiles using natural dyes, having studied the craft in Ghana and Oaxaca, Mexico. We met through the craft show/Instagram/mutual friend circuit (those of you who are artists know how that happens). Over coffee one day, Kenya mentioned that we could make printmaking ink out of natural dye.

I love pattern. I realize I’m stating the obvious here, since you’ve probably already noticed that. Often, though, I’ll see a pattern I like, or I’ll sketch something pleasing, but won’t have a use for it at that moment. Or, I’ll need to futz with my sketch until it works for me. I often file

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