block printing

Week 7: Block print on paper. I’m finishing my Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and have been busy with all the zillion big and little things around that. I decided to revisit one of my favorite images – the pomegranate – this week. This will be available as a limited-edition print soon. And now, back to mixing […]

  Week 6: Fabric ink and block print on linen. I’m reworking this a bit and plan to include it in my Spring/Summer 2014 collection as a screenprint. Also, I’ll soon start exploring other print media. I love the block prints, but I think it’s time for something new. Perhaps next week?

Week 5: Block print on cotton voile. I used Speedy Cut again. As its name suggests, it’s really good for quick carves, though i wouldn’t use it for anything that required fine detail. One of the unexpected benefits of this project is the freedom to work on designs and with color palettes that are outside

Week 4: rubber block print on linen. After futzing around, indecisive about what I was going to do for this week’s print, I started to sketch the Diana Fayt vase that I keep in my studio, and liked the image. Then I realized that the sketch was larger than any of the blocks I had

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