One Line, digital drawing NOTE: This is a repost of my June 2020 newsletter, which was sent on June 5, 2020. Wednesday morning, I received a text from my friend, the art director, illustrator, and writer (and Black Brunch Club founder) George McCalman. “Jennifer,” he asked, “what is happening?” For the past few days, George […]

A reporter recently asked her Twitter followers how they’ve been able to convince their Boomer parents to take COVID-19 seriously. I responded that I didn’t need to; when she was very young, my mom had had to flee into the Philippine jungle with her family during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines (which, okay, makes

I have a new class, Fabric Design: Block Printing, on Craftsy! In this class I’ll walk you through the process of creating designs for fabric, carving your blocks, and block printing on yardage. Included in the class is an apron pattern – which uses just a yard of fabric – as well as templates for

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on my second book, which will be published by Roost Books in 2020. It’s provisionally called “The Craft Community: Conversations with Crafters of Color,” and will highlight women of color who actively engage in fiber arts and crafts. The book will feature the voices of women of color

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