My Sun #1 print is now available exclusively from 20×200. This sunny illustration has been letterpressed onto a beautiful, heavy paper. It measures 8×8″.  My friend Dana Williams-Johnson also wrote a lovely introduction to the new print. You can read it here (thank you, Dana!). For those of you who like to wear your art, […]

Quilt by Sarah Nishiura Masks by Melissa Quaal Sweater by Tania Skevos I’m back this week with a new list of textile artist fundraisers (including mine!) for Movement Voter Project. We’ve been running this fundraising campaign for two weeks, and have raised over $10k so far. We’re hoping to triple that in our last week,

Weaving by Alicia Scardetta Quilt by Melanie Tuazon Greetings from smoky San Francisco! If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that California is in the middle of the worst fire season in recorded history. But that’s not why I’m writing. I’m writing to tell you about a project I’ve been helping to organize: Textile

One Line, digital drawing NOTE: This is a repost of my June 2020 newsletter, which was sent on June 5, 2020. Wednesday morning, I received a text from my friend, the art director, illustrator, and writer (and Black Brunch Club founder) George McCalman. “Jennifer,” he asked, “what is happening?” For the past few days, George

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