Textile Artists for Movement Voter Project, Update #2

Quilt by Sarah Nishiura
Masks by Melissa Quaal
Sweater by Tania Skevos

I’m back this week with a new list of textile artist fundraisers (including mine!) for Movement Voter Project. We’ve been running this fundraising campaign for two weeks, and have raised over $10k so far. We’re hoping to triple that in our last week, which begins today.

We have even more artists participating over the next week. I hope you’ll take a look at their work, and support them, as well our efforts to fund local, progressive, grassroots organizing.

Current fundraisers:

  • I’m offering six spots for custom silhouettes screenprinted onto fabric in my shop. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to MVP.
  • A Happy Stitch will be selling handmade Liberty and Ankara masks through September 25 here.
  • Yasmine Diaz sold out of her first batch of postcards, but they’re back in stock! More information about her collage-based postcard sets until September 25 here.
  • Sarah Nishiura will be auctioning a 33″x38″ quilt starting 10 am CT September 18 through Sunday, September 20 at 5pm. More information on her feed.
  • gather here is donating 10% of the sale of their Resistance Is Handmade tote bag to MVP the entire month of September. And they’re also donating 5% of their sales on their We Care Wednesdays to MVP this month.
  • Karen Templer is auctioning a 100% wool, handknit sweater here. Auction closes at 6 pm CT on Friday, September 18.
  • Chelsea Amato is selling a Silence is Compliance hand-embroidered patch.
  • Tania Skevos is auctioning a hand knit, 100% wool, one of a kind, cropped multi stripe sweater on her Instagram. Auction will run from noon PT on Friday, September 18 til 6pm Sunday, September 20.
  • Erin McQuarrie is selling handmade VOTE prints through September 25. More information here.
  • Sara Wolfowitz is auctioning a woven wall hanging on Instagram, with woven necklaces coming soon. Current auction ends Friday 9/18 at 5pm Pacific time. More info here.
  • Lauren Leone is auctioning 5 free motion embroidery plant portraits through 5 pm ET on September 20 on Instagram.
  • Kerri Rosenstein is auctioning a weaving about place and interconnectedness on Instagram September 18-21, ending at 3 pm ET. She will auction additional work during the week, as well.
  • Alexandria Deters is hosting a live Instagram auction through Sunday, September 20, of a the work “Boy, how warped can you get?(VOTE)”, 2020, diptych, embroidery on a cartoon from two pages of a “Playboy” c.1965.
  • Through September 28, Defne Tutus is auctioning a series of wrapped rocks in her Instagram Stories.
  • Carson Converse is auctioning two small quilted pieces on their Instagram account. The auction ends at 5 pm ET on Sunday, September 20.
  • Through September 22, Anny Cane is offering custom, hand-embroidered portraits on handmade paper. More information here.
  • Ama Wertz is auctioning two soft sculpture weavings as a tactile reminder: we need radical change for the people, all people. Instagram auction dates: Friday, September 18 – Tuesday, September 22.
  • Laura Kamian McDermott is selling greeting cards with images of her tapestry weaving and other textile works on the front here.

Upcoming fundraisers:

  • Tali Weinberg will host an Instagram sale of 10 of her weaving-inspired drawings beginning at noon MT on Saturday, September 19. More information on her feed.
  • seemakrish is selling another six bundles of quilting kits in their shop, beginning Monday, September 21.
  • Jessi Highet is selling one of a kind painted, drawn, and dyed “Vote” tees on her instagram beginning September 21.
  • Rachel Oswald is auctioning a brightly colored, geometric tapestry on her Instagram feed beginning 6pm ET on Monday, September 21 through 6pm on Tuesday, September 22.
  • Owyn Ruck is selling five woven paintings for $150 minimum donation each beginning Tuesday, September 22 on Instagram; 100% of proceeds to Movement Voter Project.
  • September 22-25, Mirrah Johnson will be selling naturally dyed, hand stitched earrings and a pillow as well as photo prints on Instagram. 100% of the proceeds will go to Movement Voter project.
  • And Artists Take Action will be hosting a mega-auction Thursday, September 24 through Friday, September 25. Follow them here.

And if you’d like to donate to Movement Voter Project directly, you can do so here. Thank you for your support!

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