Post-it notes on holiday

You didn’t think I’d leave my post-it notes behind when I went on vacation, did you? I didn’t have any plans for them (they’re just a perennial staple in my purse), but they’ve come in really handy during my trip.

I speak six words of Turkish, and my pronunciation is pretty horrible. I write my address on a post-it note whenever I take a taxi, and the driver sticks it to his dashboard. Easy!

I’ve also been getting restaurant, bakery and bar recommendations from locals. They write the name of the place on a post-it note for me, then circle its location on my map, placing the post-it close by (I’ve also started numbering locations and notes, in case I have to move things around).

Easy, right? 3M really should pay me for this.

2 thoughts on “Post-it notes on holiday”

  1. Yes… they really should. I’m working on a sort of “Command Central” in my new kitchen to try and “declutter” and am working on incorporating this into my command central. This is just a FABULOUS idea!!!

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