Before I leave…

In exactly two weeks I’ll be boarding a plane to Istanbul. Instead of freaking out about all the things I need to do before I leave, I’ve decided to clean. And in cleaning, I unearthed some unused, printed pieces of linen that are eagerly awaiting a home with someone who will put them to good use. I ironed and folded them and am selling bundles of six (or more) pieces in my shop.

I also finally sewed my dotted linen into mini pencil cases. Even better – I found a few pieces of muslin that I’d test printed (you should always test your print on inexpensive muslin before printing on the expensive stuff). It was just too cute to throw out, so I used it to line these bags. But I only have two available, so buy one (or both) while you still can!

And since I’ll be out of the country for almost all of September, I’ll be closing the shop on August 30th. It will open again in early October. I may even have new items to share with you then!

4 thoughts on “Before I leave…”

  1. Enjoy your trip, Jen! (What will I do while you’re gone? Whose blog will I (temporarily) stalk? Eesh!) I can’t wait for you to share your adventures with us when you return.

    Happy travels!

    jake (the girl)

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