The moon came out of nowhere

I thought I’d finished with the quilt top on Monday when I decided that the image was missing a moon. Or a green sun. Anyway, a circle seemed to be called for so I sewed one on before starting the quilt sandwich (I love that phrase).

Topstitching has now begun. The round indentation around the moon (or green sun) is from my embroidery hoop.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday when he asked me if I was working yet. I told him it all depends on how he defines “work.” Well, this is work, but not in the way that I’d previously defined it. Working on this quilt has taken more focus and dedication than I’ve given most of my recent jobs, and yet it’s probably the most rewarding (though not monetarily – at this point) work I’ve done in a long time.

Anyway, some inspirational quilters I discovered while on flickr:
The Silly BooDilly

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