My show, Weedwatching, opens at Mule Gallery on July 7th, with a reception from 6-9 pm that day. Please stop by!

Mule Gallery80 Fresno StreetSan Francisco

The show will run until August 25th.

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New Work in My Shop!

Untitled No. 4 textile collage by Jen HewettUntitled No. 1 textile collage by Jen Hewett  Untitled No. 6 textile collage by Jen Hewett

I’ve finally added the large pieces from my Hwy 5 show to my Etsy shop. There are just five available (I kept one), and they come mounted on acid-free, archival board (for easy framing). It took me ages to list these because I didn’t want to let them go. But it’s time to find them good homes!

Work is available in my shop.

Hwy 5 Show at Rare Device

Jen Hewett at her Hwy 5 opening reception

Untitled No. 6 by Jen Hewett, from her Hwy 5 series

Untitled No. 2 by Jen Hewett, from her Hwy 5 series

Almost exactly a year ago, I emailed Rare Device to inquire about showing my work there. Rare Device has carried my bags for years (I think that it was my first wholesale customer), but I’d never shown my fine art work there. Actually, I’d never really shown my fine art work anywhere. And, on top of that, I hadn’t created much fine art work at that point.

But I’m a big believer in (1) asking for what I want, and (2) agreeing to something, then figuring out how to do it; last Friday, after printing, piecing, and stitching for months, my show, Hwy 5, opened at Rare Device.

Untitled No. 4 by Jen Hewett, from her Hwy 5 series

Untitled No. 9 by Jen Hewett, from her Hwy 5 series

In a way, these pieces have been in the works for a long time. The title of the show, Hwy 5, is a nod to the dozens of times I’ve driven the stretch of Highway 5 between LA and the Bay Area since I moved to San Francisco 20+ years ago. While others may find this trip, mostly on flat land through the industrial farmland of the Central Valley, boring, I find it a respite from my every day life of phone calls and emails and social media.

Untitled No. 8 by Jen Hewett, from her Hwy 5 series

Untitled No. 5 by Jen Hewett, from her Hwy 5 series

The show will be up until the end of the month. If you’re in the Bay Area, please stop by! You can also see the work online – and purchase a piece or two – here.

Good Mail Day

Jen Hewett for Artstream Studios show "Good Mail Day"

Jen Hewett for Artstream Studios show "Good Mail Day"

Jen Hewett for Artstream Studios show "Good Mail Day"

Look what I worked on this weekend instead of my weekly print!  I spent all of Saturday, and part of Sunday creating these mini-quilts for an upcoming show, Good Mail Day, at Artstream Studios Gallery in New Hampshire. The curators, Susan and Lisa, asked 60 artists to create up to four 4×6″ (or postcard-sized…”mail,” get it?) pieces of new, original work for the show. I had no clue what to do, so I pieced together my screenprinted and blockprinted scraps of fabric into these mini-quilts.

I had so much fun creating these, and now I want to do a zillion more. Of course, I’ll wait until after I’ve caught up on weekly prints (I’ve done blocks/screens for last week and this week and just need to print), gotten through holiday orders and shows (come see me at West Coast Craft!), and slept.

Good Mail Day opens on November 14th, and runs through December 31st. More information here.

(And I’ll be caught up on prints by the end of the week. Promise.)