Bird mobile

Long weekends mean uninterrupted blocks of time during which I can finish all those craft projects I’ve started over the previous weeks. So, I scavenged some branches, found some thick thread, and finally assembled my bird mobile.

I know that if a certain someone is reading this post right now, she’s salivating because I’ve promised my first bird mobile to her infant daughter.

Adding this bottom bird was an afterthought – an afterthought that brought the entire mobile together.

Pattern and idea courtesy of Spool Sewing. I found the branches (already cut, of course) in Golden Gate Park. You may recognize the solid blue fabric from my chair upholstery project. The rest of the fabric is from Peapod. The thread linking the branches together and holding the birds on the branches is vintage crochet thread found in the craft bin at Community Thrift.

Total assembly time: two hours (not including trips to get supplies and snacks).
Snacks consumed: two chocolate chip cookies, one scoop of Bi-Rite salted caramel ice cream, handful of edamame, and (um) half a Sierra Nevada
Listened to: music simulcast

p.s. Thanks for the props, Scott!

  1. It turned out great! So kyoot. All I have to show for this weekend is a bunch of mosquito bites.

  2. basak  | 

    Wow! I thought Lula qualified for a bird, but not the whole mobile. I will start planning on where to hang this beauty. Lula will feel sooo special!

  3. Dad  | 

    It’s a good thing Jake is not a cat. The birds look so real. Great job.


  4. mau  | 

    Jen I think Jake would love my friends blog and I think you will enjoy it also. Its, your dog is adorable.

  5. Leslie  | 

    very cute…
    how did you keep your birds from flipping the twig upsaide down? all of my birds are turning out to be finches!!

  6. Jen  | 

    @ Leslie – it takes some trial and error. The branch definitely wants to hang a certain way and I spend time figuring out what that way is! I’m also thinking about using a little hot glue to hold the birds in place once I’ve finished the mobile.

  7. Great job, Jen! I was so frustrated with the balancing act after my first mobile, I just suspended the birds with ribbon for my second one ( You did so well with yours, I think I’ll try perching again.
    Leslie, I think eye hooks are key to keep the branch from tipping. I also read that some people put a little rice in the belly of the birds to make them bottom-heavy.