Hey all! My regularly-scheduled Thursday blog post is on vacation this week, as I finish up my prep for Renegade San Francisco, which is this weekend. I think this is my seventh Renegade, and I’m planning on making it my best one yet. I’ll have quite a few items that aren’t currently available in […]

I wish I could say Renegade SF was a smashing success, but it wasn’t. Funny thing, though – I had a blast. I didn’t sell much (well, except for iPhone cases, fishnets bags, and flower bags), but my work got a really good reception. And my booth looked gorgeous. All that agonizing over colors and

   Pillows printed and sewn.  Varnished prints, drying.  Poppies, blooming (I had nothing to do with that, really).   More varnished prints.   Logo banners, printed but not yet sewn.    Bags, printed.   Gratuitous Jake shot. I needed the long weekend to finish my show prep. Printing is finally done! All I need to

Yeah, so I know I’ve been talking about Renegade forever. Well, it’s almost here. I’ll be in a booth very close to the front, just to the left as you enter the building. My Spidey Sense tells me that the show is going to be pretty awesome. You can be sure I’ll report back. When:

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