A friend of mine hosts craft workshops and was recently asked by the management of a large-ish local craft fair to host a one-day workshop at an upcoming fair. My friend sent over her proposal with her pricing, and the manager responded, “Oh, we can’t afford to pay you. But you can pass out your […]

I saw a friend at a party recently and he asked me why I’d been sewing so many bird ornaments at a craft party a few months ago. When I explained that I sold them, and that I’d had orders for twenty of them, he asked the price. “Fourteen dollars each.” That set him off.

Hi folks, I’m pleased to announce that I will be starting a new blog, called “A Designed Business,” all about the joys and woes of owning and running a creative, product-based company. It’s targeted to product design entrepreneurs. I’ll draw on my own experiences starting and running (and selling) Peartree Press, as well as years

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