I can’t believe I haven’t posted these photos. I took them last month, on a rare, gorgeous, July day (if you’ve ever been in San Francisco in July, you’ll know what I mean). I had cabin fever and set out on a short ride through the park to get a cafe au lait, and somewhere […]

It was 80 degrees in San Francisco yesterday – so rare at this time of year (any time of year, really) – and the perfect day for a long bike ride along the west and north coasts of San Francisco. Oh, hi, surfers! Sutro Baths Sutro Baths from another angle. The Camera Obscura Surfers, not

Bike shoes. First stop – Baker Beach. San Francisco fog – half a mile away, it was sunny and warm. On a clear day, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from here. Next stop – Lindy in the Park. Passing by the DeYoung tower and Fountain of Tranquility (or something like that) on the

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