An au lait ride

I can’t believe I haven’t posted these photos. I took them last month, on a rare, gorgeous, July day (if you’ve ever been in San Francisco in July, you’ll know what I mean). I had cabin fever and set out on a short ride through the park to get a cafe au lait, and somewhere along the way decided to bike through the Presidio. A leisurely bike ride through the Presidio landed me at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, where I turned around and came home. Seven miles later, I had only a sunburn to show for my ride. I never did get that cafe au lait.

The funniest part of the ride was sharing the path with a guy who was completely decked out in bike gear and riding an expensive road bike. He was painfully slow, so I passed him. I think he had it in for me – wearing a pair of jeans, old Chucks and a t-shirt, and riding a pink, hybrid bike – so he would pass me on the downhills. That only meant I would closely trail – and then pass – him on the uphill and flat portions of the ride. I think I may have insulted his masculinity or something.

Anyway, August is here – and with it, good weather. I may attempt that ride across the bridge yet.

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