My Winter 2014 Collection Is (Finally) Here!

Jen Hewett Studio Winter 2014 Collection

Jen Hewett Studio Winter 2014 Collection

You guys! My Winter 2014 Collection is finally here! And, I must say, I love it so much.

If you read my blog regularly (and I’m sure you all do), you’ll know that I scrapped my first attempt at this collection because it looked SO BAD. The colors, the layouts – nothing I did could save it. So, at the last minute, I went through my sketchbooks and picked out designs that I thought could work, tweaked them a bit, and then wondered why I hadn’t chosen them in the first place.

My creative process doesn’t make sense most of the time.

Jen Hewett Studio Perspective Foldover Clutch

Jen Hewett Studio Perspective Foldover Clutch

Can we talk about this design, though? This was the very first thing I sketched when I started working on my Winter Collection months ago. I’ve spent a lot of time driving on California’s Highway 5, and had often thought about doing a print series about the landscapes along it. Of course, I’d never gotten around to it, but once I started laying out this design in color, I realized that it looked just like the mix of dry, shrubby mountains and large-scale, commercial farms that line it. And everything else kind of flowed from there (Mind you, this is a very complex piece to print, so everything after this could only be easy (okay, easier)).

Arches Foldover Clutch by Jen Hewett  Arches Foldover Clutch by Jen Hewett

Intersection Foldover Clutch by Jen Hewett

Did you notice that I’m using new colors? It took a lot of work to mix colors I was happy with. My poor bathtub looked like the horrible aftermath of an Easter egg dyeing session gone bad, but I was determined to get the colors just right. I’m glad I stuck with it.

Next up – Palmiers napkins! And my quarterly bags for Fringe! And finishing (okay, starting) my pieces for a group show I’m in next month! Oh, and my print for this week!

I’ll sleep in January.

p.s. Everything is now available for purchase in my shop.

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