Rainy Sunday and Happy Monday

Last week was a rough week. The pace of my job had become insane, Jake needed eyedrops hourly (yes, this includes through the night), and I finished doing my 2009 taxes.

But when I’m in my studio, printing, all is right with the world.

My studio is in a tiny dining nook that I rarely used. But now that it’s my studio, I want to be in there even when I’m not printing. I’m almost… pulled into the room (something I can’t say about my office at my job). It’s funny how rooms and homes have their own personalities. I’ve certainly been in houses that, for no visible reason whatsoever, I want to flee. That, however, is a topic for another post.

I ventured to the Sunday farmers’ market, despite the rain. I was surprised to see snapdragons – a fall flower – alongside tulips – a late winter/early spring flower – in April, but that’s just the kind of weather we’ve been having.

Here’s to sunnier weather and happier dispositions (well, mine, at least) this week!

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