All My Handbags

Back in the day, my ex-roommate Marcela would tape (remember VCRs?) “All My Children” every day and we’d watch it with dinner. She was addicted to the show, calling it “All My Kids.” Then Susan Lucci came out with a line of costume jewelry called “All My Jewelry.” She wore her jewelry on the show (taking off an earring every time she answered the phone, of course) and making fun of it was almost more fun than watching the soap.


I was brainstorming names for name this print, when an image of Susan Lucci came into my head. And while this print is way classier than Erica Cane’s jewelry, I couldn’t help but call it “All My Handbags.” In any case, it’s a much better name than “What Do I Have to Do to Get a Kelly Bag?”

For the record, I own none of these bags. Just the print. And you, too, can have the print by going here and buying one.

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