Hump day

You would think that Humpday wouldn’t matter to a person who doesn’t have a “regular” job. But it does – at least to me. Thursday is my first studio day of the week, which means I spend Monday through Thursday afternoon ramping up. I’d been so full of inspiration the last couple of weeks but then hit a bump (some would say a hump) today. I’m just not feeling my latest layout. I’m really not. I’ve inked one color and am about to start the next and I just don’t want to continue with it. I might just put it aside, which means I will have nothing to work on at the studio. Which means, well, I won’t have anything tangible to show for this week.

Some weeks I just cruise along, taking for granted my incredible productivity. Other weeks, I’m so stuck that I ask myself what I think I’m doing with my life. This week is one of the latter.

But something good did happen today – I got a mention in Indie Fixx. The blogger writes, “Jen Hewett’s work appeals to me for its whimsy and color. If you haven’t discovered her work yet, you should really take a peek.” And while that didn’t unstick me, it has made me undoubt myself. At least for today.

There may even be another layout in me yet.

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