Preschool collaging

“Reese Pastaspoon”

“Tina Fey Sees All with Help of Clown”
“Jake, or Untitled #4”

Sami and Bjorn came over this weekend for a crafts afternoon. When I’d asked Sami what he wanted to do, he responded “I want to make collages out of pasta and beans.” Well, okay. I’ll gladly go back to my preschool days and play with my food.

They also brought over a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, which also took me back (but not all the way back to my preschool days).

Anyway, we created some magnificent works of art. Bjorn is responsible for “Reese Pastaspoon,” Sami created “Tina Fey Sees All with Help of Clown,” and I made “Jake, or Untitled #4.”

I’d post instructions, but you don’t really need them.

And I think that it’s time to reinstate collaging with dried food as a valid art form.

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