Handmade handkerchiefs

My brother may be the only man under the age of 50 to use handkerchiefs. Since his birthday is next month, I thought I’d finally learn how to hand sew rolled edges and make him a few handmade handkerchiefs.

I picked out a few, non-girly prints at Peapod , cut fabric down to 12.5-inch squares using my rotary cutter, and used contrasting thread for the hem. Hemming rolled edges is way more time consuming than I’d predicted – I think I spent around an hour on each hankie.

I think he’ll like these. This gift will hopefully be a surprise since my brother doesn’t normally read my blog (and if he is reading this – hi, Tin!).

A how-to can be found here.

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  1. An hour per hankie–you’re fast! I just started this project last night, so I’m still getting used to the stitch. But that’s what I love about hand-stitching. It forces me to slow down and dwell in the moment.

    I love the fabrics you picked! I’m sure your brother loved them.

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