Boo! Baa!


A Gus in sheep’s clothing. Yes, that’s right – I made a costume for my dog. My one-way ticket to spinsterhood has been purchased, but isn’t Gus just so cute in his costume?

Happy Halloween!

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Side project: Gus paintings


For the longest time, my prints were my side project. I had a packed consulting schedule, and would squeeze in some drawing and printing whenever I had time.

These days, though, I’m lucky to be able to spend a decent portion of my time working on my prints. But as I was busily printing and sewing orders and doing general prep for Renegade, I realized I missed having time to work on side projects.


So I painted a couple of pictures of Gus. It was fun. And it’s a reminder that even though my days are largely focused on creating, I need to put aside time to work on playful, silly projects too.