As of last week, I’ve had Gus for six months. Six months! As you may remember, my first few months with him were, um, challenging. There were times when I wanted to give him back, or put a muzzle on him, or lock him in a closet (or a combination of those three). A few […]

Gus and I are driving to LA today. I made the trip many times with Jake; it’s my first time driving with Gus. I think about all those roadtrips Jake and I took together. When he was younger, he couldn’t sit still. He’d either try to sit in my lap, or whine with excitement for

Gus is half Italian Greyhound and half Jack Russell Terrier. He splits his time between the two breeds. When we wake up around 6:30 am, he’s an Italian Greyhound, refusing to come out from under the covers for our walk. He then sleeps in front of the heater or under whatever blanket is handy from

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