Jen bags

I just finished all my pre-Renegade printing. All of it. The very last things I needed to print – and these were “nice-to-haves,” not a “must-haves” – were paper bags for my customers. I happened to print 200 bags. I hope I use them all (hint hint).

They’re so cute. Now I want to print bags for Christmas gifts. I want to make personalized bags.

But not at this minute. After Renegade. After I’ve taken a break and caught up on sleep and maybe even hung out with my friends a bit.

I’ve had a busy few weeks – I’m wrapping things up at my current job (last day is Wednesday – yay!), I started freelancing last week, and I’ve been printing and sewing almost every night. I am so tired. But I’m also really excited. I hope to sell a lot this summer, and I want to work on all the designs that have been swirling around in my brain.

Good things are happening. So many good things… I am grateful.

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