Leftover s’mores

One must never let chocolate ganache go to waste, especially when it’s been made with a huge bar of Scharffen Berger chocolate. Basak made me take a bag of extra macaron filling (yes, she practically forced it on poor, unsuspecting me). I’d thought about smearing it on bread, but that would have required making bread.

Last night, I found a box of graham crackers. The neighborhood organic market had put a few boxes of just-expired crackers on the sidewalk outside the store. Please, people – the cookies expired on May 31st, 2009. They’re hardly rotting. In fact, they are crispy and delicious.

Add a bag of marshmallows that have been in the cupboard since my last roommate, Marcela, moved out five years ago. It’s a shame to waste perfectly good marshmallows. And everyone knows that marshmallows never go bad because they’re made out of spun plastic mixed with hooves and nails.

Burn the marshmallows on a stick over the gas burner on my oven, add them to crackers smeared with chocolate, and voila – a perfect, delicious, gooey treat.

Yes, I realize my photos may make the s’mores look unattractive. But s’mores aren’t meant to look pretty. I mean, they’re usually eaten by camp kids with dirty hands or unwashed adults who’ve spent the day hiking, drinking and standing downwind of a campfire.

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