Country Club Park, LA

A lot of filming goes on in my parents’ neighborhood. In exchange, the studios give money to the Neighborhood Association, which then hosts a street fair every summer. Residents bake cakes and cookies for the bake sale, local restaurants set up food booths, bands play, and a few games are set up for the kids. My brother and I wish the fair had been around when we were younger.

Mom and Dad’s house, with windows made by my dad.
Lena Horne lived (still lives?) here.
When we first moved into the neighborhood (in the Seventies), Lou Rawls lived here. When he moved, his mom moved in. He’d send a limo to pick her up every Mothers’ Day. My brother and I thought that was the height of sophistication.
Tile detail on the back wall of the Millbank House grounds.

More tile.

Random, recently-renovated Craftsman.
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