Excellent Street Find, Part 1

Some of my best furniture finds have come the street (and are usually found while I’m walking Jake). So far, I’ve adopted the following castoffs from my neighbors:

  • Set of two, teak, mid-century modern nightstands,
  • Two antique doors,
  • A small, painted metal bench,
  • A green-striped upholstered chair that’s so ugly it’s almost cute,
  • A rocking elephant, and
  • An upholstered footstool from Israel.

The footstool is my most recent find. I’m thinking of buying some barkcloth from ReproDepot and re-covering it:

I love the legs on this. The piece is very sturdy, though the fabric could use a good cleaning (or complete replacement).

Check out the label in Hebrew!

Whatever fabric I choose for this footstool will, of course, have to coordinate with the yet-to-be selected fabric for my studio chairs. I’m just not sure what color direction I want to go in, and finding interesting patterns in colorways that match my curtains has not been easy. Sigh. I wish I could pop into the Design Center and just buy a yard of something.


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