New shoe print (and how it came into existence)

A shoe print! Not a bird! It’s my latest print, and it’s four whopping colors. This image was the inspiration for my latest print and I wanted to capture the vibrancy of the colors but in a flat, four-color print. My secret? Gold ink. I mixed in a little gold with the yellow and the green to make them shimmer, but just slightly – just enough that the colors pick up the light the same ways patent or metallic leather does.

So, starting with the original photograph as a guide, I sketched the outline of the shoes:

Then I created a full-color image using watercolor pencils:

Working with the color illustration, I inked a separate transparency for each color:

Afterward, I went to the studio (you’ll have to believe me here, since I didn’t photograph it), shot my screens using the transparencies, and inked each layer until I had this finished print:

I guess I should put it in the etsy shop. Soon.

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